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5 stars

“What A Relief, having an experienced Bankruptcy Attorney handling this complicated approval process with the court. Thank God I paid for the service. If you are looking to hire, call these law firm. They take you step by step to getting approved. Thank God I did not do it myself, so may oppositions with the creditors, they really hate it when you have an attorney by your side.”

Sasha Miles
5 stars

“They Stopped the Calls, they stopped my eviction, they got back my paycheck from ongoing wage garnishment. All these got my life turned around for the better. Most would have just given up, I almost did. But they came in and fixed it all. Thank you very much. Five Star for this Law Firm.”

Jessie Wilt
5 stars

“I could not believe that filing bankruptcy can really give me a fresh start! I was surely mistaken. If you are even thinking about bankruptcy call this law firm so you can get the real answer and maybe give you “the fresh start” like it did for me.”

Susan Kim